Passenger sailing on Lake started in the 19th century, on 21 September 1846. On this very day the first steamship, called Kisfaludy was launched. In the past 158 years our company has played a determining role in developing tourism around.

Our company is the largest sailing company in this region and its most well-known service is passenger sailing. Most of the passenger sailing traffic is done by 26 motor passenger ships.

The ferry service between Szántórév and Tihanyrév done by 4 ferries can be seen as a bridge linking the northern shore and the southern shore of the lake. Hundreds of thousands of people and vehicles use the ferry every year. We have 22 ports around the Lake Balaton.

Besides the regular ship services our guests can choose pleasure-boot service and ship-charter service, too. Our ships for special programs where customers can find catering services of the highest standard meeting the most demanding requirements are getting more and more popular. The sailing facilities of groups of different taste and size are provided by our fleet of ships.

In Siófok the 37-room Hotel Móló right on the shore provides wonderful facilities for relaxing and rest. In Balatonboglár and Balatonszemes camp-sites having sandy shores welcome tourists who enjoy lliving in tents or caravans.

Our company runs the largest yacht-port chain, which includes 10 large and 11 other yacht ports. Considering the passenger traffic data our ships and landing places serve as good advertising means for companies that wish to advertise themselves or their products.

The industrial and building branch of our company undertakes to build landing-piers, develop beaches, restructure and repair ships and to get plans and aquire the necessary authorizations.


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