Hedonism has commonly been defined as the pursuit of pleasure. At Hedon though we think it's more; it's the pursuit of happiness. By making great beer and having great times, we aim to bring joy to the beer loving community. Here at Hedon, brewing beer makes us happy. We hope drinking it makes you happy too.

We offer free brewery tours at Hedon at Balatonvilágos, where our brewer Kálmán will introduce you to the mysteries of beer making. Experience our brewing process yourself, and see just how much happiness we can fit in a Hedon bottle.

book your tour via phone : +36 20 277 5555

We decided to make a bold step and convert our beer headquarters at Balatonvilágos from brewery into a meeting point. The Hedon Playground is not merely a brewery with an adjacent beer garden: it is one of the most exciting meeting spots at the Balaton, a true community space with a stunning view to the lake. A place where both nine-year old little Charlies and ninety-nine year old aunt Mary’s can have a great time. A place where everything shines in the colours of green grass, soft sand, and the azure sky. A place where every beer fan can drop by on their own or with their entire clan. A place where you can really be who you are, sipping an ice cold beer in the sun, overlooking the lake with a big smile on your face.

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