Epermester Winery is the result of long years of persistent work. The owners' main goal is to keep and revive Szentendre island's 150 year-old tradition of strawberry rising.

They are committed to reserve the local values as well as to provide the local population competetive jobs. They introduced unique products to the Hungarian market, which can cope between the best traditional and fruit wines. Epermester Winery was born from the noble idea, which aims the resuscitation of Tahitótfalu's strawberry culture. 

The winery make sweet and dry wines with traditional wine making process from the locally produced excellent  quality strawberries. Accordingly they do not use artificial additives, flavorings or any other substances, only the best of fruit is used.  Their sweetwine Eperméz is a perfect dessert wine, while the dry Epervér represents a genuine quality category, also satisfying the taste of the wine-loving.

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