The Foundation was established to help stray, abandoned animals, to provide them with food, health care and proper accommodation. The foundation also undertook the tasks of a lawnmaster. As a result, there are no dead animal carcasses and stray animals on the streets for trapped dogs, although no anesthesia is expected. There is a good connection with the lawn master's farm in Enying-Balatonbozsok, from where they try to save their dogs from anesthesia if possible. They are the only shelter for these dogs. The site is located in Siófok, next to the former landfill. Tasks related to your work (eg adoption of animals, internet database and website management, telephone service, administration, liaison with institutions) are performed by animal-loving people free of charge as volunteer helpers. Their job is to make all people who feel good aware of their sense of responsibility for the fate of animals. In the shelter, the caring staff is not selected by them, but by the small residents of the home, as without the maximum trust between them, real care cannot take place. Those who are interested are welcome, many of them adopt an animal from them.

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