Until 1994 the area of Millenium park in front of the railway station was used as a parking lot. On May 17th, 1997 the sculpture of operetta composer Imre Kálmán made by Imre Varga was inaugurated in the snow-white wooden pavilion in the centre of the park.
Siófok celebrated its 50th birthday as a city in 2018. In honor of the composer Imre Kálmán the city surprised the lovers of operetta. At the Music pavilion we can connect to the WiFi network called ’MusicPavilon’ after which we can choose our favourite Imre Kálmán melody to be played through the speakers of the pavilion.
Between 9 a.m and 9 p.m in every 25th minute of each hour the Music pavilion automatically plays parts from the works of Imre Kálmán.


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