Kőhegy hill with a beautiful panorama, romantic wine cellars and weekend houses can be found south-west of the city. It is called Kőhegy (“stone-hill”) probably due to the stones emerging from the soil, as no other hills have such stones in the area. Starting from Szamárkő, you take a pleasant walk along the cellars to reach the top of Kőhegy (219,8 m), to see a wonderful panorama. You’ll see the glittering Lake Balaton with all of its beauty from the eastern shores of Kenese, through the Tihany peninsula up to the coffin-like basalt hill of Badacsony.


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8600, Siófok, Millennium park
8600, Siófok, Millennium park
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8600, Siófok, Kálmán Imre sétány 10.