Hours of the day you start using the second millennium BC is lost, but also confirm the existence of written records. An example of this in the Old Testament book of Isaiah sundial. The Babylonian and Chinese records do not have to forget, as they are evidence that the beginnings of the timing, refer to the use of the sundial. The shadow clock is not only the first time measurement tool, but is also the simplest astronomical instrument. The sundial in the seventh century monastic orders expansion will reach every country in Europe. Sundial can be seen throughout the country on monuments, public buildings, parks, schools, garden. Even more so in our city. The sundial is now featured in Millennium Park, which was completed in 1995. The dial of 0.7 times 1.3 meter polished, shiny marble slab, which is inclined 15 degrees to the north. The clock numbers also: 6-12-6, 5-12-9, within a quarter-hour pitch. Interestingly, the special sundial shows the real local time and daylight saving time as well.


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