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Traffic changes in Siófok on 14 August and the programme of Tour de Hongrie

On 14 August 2018, Tour de Hongrie bicycle race will start from Siófok. Regarding this traffic changes are expected during the day.

On 14 August some parts of Siófok are going to be closed down due to Tour de Hongrie bike race.

The closed route: 

On the uploaded maps the route is indicated, it is going to be closed from 1 pm till 7 pm.:

  •  Márítok street (parking lot) - next to the port
  • Baross bridge
  • Vitorlás street
  • part of Fő street 
  • Main Square - around the Watertower
  • Batthyány street
  • Karinthy street
  • Petőfi promenade



The programme: 

Regarding the programme, the amateur race is between 1.30 pm and 2 pm. The whole official event starts at 2 pm and lasts until 7 pm.

Also, some parking spaces will be locked for the day.

Thanks for your understanding!

In case of further questions, please contact us on Facebook at Hello Siófok.


More news, important information

We inform the residents and guests of Siófok that the prologue of Tour de Hongrie international bicycle race will take place on 11th June. A closed circle route will be introduced (shown on the map) to ensure the safety of the race. Periodic traffic restriciton is expected in the area of the route the day before. 


June 11th 2019 from 13:00 to 18:30 : full roadblock on the circle route.

Vehicles can not access the route shown on the map in this period. 

On the pass points shown on the map periodic pedestrian crossing will be available.

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With 8 winning applications, the Tourism Association of Siófok has received the following title Marketing Capital for Siófok.


Hundreds of children and adults were doing sports in Siófok on May 30, the Challenge Day, which gave the city to third place in the competition.

In 2018, Balaton Hajózási Zrt. Will organize the National Regatta, the National Sailing Club of Hungary Settlement at Siófok on June 9-10. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Siófok's birth, 50 settlements will be hosted by the organizers - says BAHART in his statement.

The Kálmán Imre Cultural Center (KIKK) in Siófok won the highest award of the public education profession, the Public Education Quality Award, which was taken over by the Editor-in-Chief of the Institution, Edula Gyulainé Isó, at the gala ceremony held in Budapest on the day of Hungarian culture.