The Golden Shore Bike will be available in 2020 as well. Before the high season you have to make an appointment in advance!

Golden Shore Rent a Bike in Siófok to cycle round the lake!

We have been dealing with our Rent a Bike business since 1998 so we are proud of our experience in satisfying our clients at a very high quality.Our aim is to give the opportunity for more and more people to be able to cycle round Lake Balaton either quickly, in one or two days or slower, in 6-8 days. It is very challenging to ride around the lake (206 km) or just its Easter part (76km) and makes everyone proud of ‘self, needs persistence and gives great experience and happiness for the brave who does the Great or the Small Round around the lake.

Our bikes are first class, good quality vehicles to make the ride joyful and secure. The additional equipment serves the safe and comfortable journey all the way. And we are not short of information as well, we hand a map, bike tour offers with places and attraction for tourists.

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, if you are powerful and persistent enough, if you want to break free from everyday life, if you are not satisfied with the joy and fun of virtual entertainment, surprise your family, your friends, your colleagues with the possibility of a memorable trip spent together.
Try it once and then you will not be able to escape from the desire to ride over and over again around Lake Balaton and get to know more and more about the biggest and most beautiful lake in Central Europe.