In today’s fast-paced world, in a short time, the guest should get results in any way, be it a facial treatment, toning or just pain relief. This is the most important thing for us.

Our beauty salon in the heart of Siófok, in the Main Square, received a new image in January 2020 with 15 years of experience and more than 25,000 treatments.

We are waiting for our guests who want to beautify and heal in an exclusive environment with our high-quality services.

  • cosmetics
  • body shaping treatment
  • massage
  • artificial nail, gel polish
  • manicure and pedicure
  • 1D – 4D  false eyelashes
  • Laser treatments: skin rejuvenation, nail fungus removal, tattoo removal, permanent hair removal.




In addition to the classic facial cleansing and waxing, we offer solutions to many skin problems: acne prone skin, pigment spots, rosacea, broom vein. We follow our facial treatments with computer skin diagnostics, so the guest sees the real change in their skin image. Our most popular treatment in 2020 is our Hollywood carbon peeling laser, which gives a clean, fresh skin image. Injection-free Hyaluronplasia is also a new option for guests who want to rejuvenate and are afraid of needles, without having to settle for signs of aging.


Body shaping treatment

A significant advance in toning was brought about by aesthetic shock wave therapy, according to which cellulite can indeed be eliminated. In addition to French fat freezing, French LPG connective tissue treatment, the latest focused radiofrequency and ultrasound machine has also been included. This way, skin tightening and shape correction are no problem either. We pay special attention to expectant mothers, with the support of the Newborn Department of Siófok Hospital, our Mother Body Program has been running since January this year. As part of this, the salon provides free treatments for new expectant mothers to regain their shape.


You can relax in the hands of our masseurs in an aromatherapy environment.

Relax, refresh yourself after a hard day with a wellness massage!

  • Euphoria massage: Sweet, pampering, caring relaxation massage.
  • SPA massage: Moisturizing, revitalizing, firming massage
  • Oriental spicy massage: Nourishing, soothing aromatherapy massage
  • Fat burning pineapple massage: Sweet aromatherapy massage
  • Aromatherapy massage: Relaxing, nursing, soothing massage

Come to us if something hurts and you need quick help!

Massage is an effective way to treat musculoskeletal complaints. As part of the massage, the hands and expertise of our masseurs provide help for joint, muscle and spine problems. Optional areas: neck-shoulder, full back with waist arms, full body front and back.

  • Cannabis 24 herbal massage: For sports, to treat tired, tight body parts after physical work.
  • Muscle and joint massage: Muscle relaxant, anti-muscle and anti-inflammatory, for musculoskeletal complaints, joint pain.
  • Japanese meridian massage: Oriental acupressure massage with joint dislocation

Laser treatments

Laser tattoo removal: successful removal of bored, spoiled tattoos on the body. Cosmetic tattoos are also removed.

Laser nail fungus removal: intensive treatment 7 days a week, 5-6 times.

Laser skin rejuvenation: natural beautiful, clean fresh skin.

Manicure - Pedicure - Artificial nails - Gel polish

Ensuring an aesthetic appearance, implementing the latest trends.

False eyelash

1D - 2D natural looking lashes, extravagant with several D different arcs.


The secret of our efficiency

  • We work with state-of-the-art medical and cosmetic machines for reliable results
  • We have a medical background to solve any hidden problems that arise.
  • We guarantee our treatments so the guest has nothing to lose.
  • Personalized treatments with condition assessment.
  • Qualified, kind, indirect operating staff.
  • our team

According to our guests, our team is kind, direct, with great professional knowledge - it makes us very happy.

We are proud to have been able to acquire professional experience for our laser treatments at the Budapest Honvéd Hospital. Anti - aging treatments were learned by Dr. Miklós Kalmár, the founder of the Hungarian Mesotherapy Association. That is why we use the many possibilities of skin rejuvenation to the great delight of our guests. Whether it's eyelid lifting, case tightening, or hand rejuvenation. All this painlessly, without surgery, effectively.

What we guarantee

  • Safe treatments
  • Natural active substances and processes
  • Long-lasting results


Many people visit our salon during the tourist season as well as rural and foreign guests arriving in Siófok, which we are very happy about and welcome with a cup of coffee or tea in an exclusive environment.


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